My name is Marcel Vermeer

I am Application Programmer


Google Developers

Do you have the idea that some processes within your company can be faster and more efficient?

Your programmer ...

  • Has 16 years experience as a PHP programmer in the automation of which 4 years in business, 3 years in the government and 9 years as an independent entrepreneur.
  • Provides only custom work and writes clear and clear code. So no unnecessary code that unnecessarily slows down your application as in most Frameworks. Specialized in programming web tools.
  • Calculates an hourly rate of only 45 euros excluding VAT but is also willing to invest in people with good ideas and give them a chance to implement them.
  • Can help you with HTML, PHP, XML, Mysql Databases, CSS, Slicing / Basing, Javascript, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Management Reports, Automation Solutions, Faults and Error messages to existing websites.

How can I help you?

I will treat your data 100% discretely!